Wednesday, August 22, 2012

9 More Days!!!

9 more days and the party will officially begin!!! We could still use a few more volunteers so make sure you contact Linda Walsh! You can call her at 216-538-1358 or email her at! Tonight we are featuring the Makem and Spa
in Brothers. Every generation has a few acts that define where a musical genre is going, performers so confident in their chosen field that they are able to completely embrace the genre and yet introduce something new to it. In Irish folk music today, that act is the Makem and Spain Brothers. Not in the past 30 years has a group taken the international stage with such vocal power and stage presence, capturing the essence of their genre, while standing out as something truly unique. A host of various instruments and five male vocals, using precise three-part harmonies blend perfectly for what many have described as a wall of sound. The Makem and Spain Brothers are at their best onstage where their talent and enthusiasm draw in fans who have never experienced the joy of folk music.

These Gentlemen will be playing on the commercial stage Saturday 9/1 at 3 and 9, Sunday 9/2 at 5:30 and 10, and Monday 9/3 at 4 p.m.

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